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InfraHeat Vibration Belt
InfraHeat Vibration Belt
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InfraHeat Vibration Belt

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Tone up anytime, anywhere. The InfraHeat Vibration Belt comfortably tones and firms your fat places, wherever you are. 
The InfraHeat Vibration Belt generates heat from the middle area of your body. It helps to get rid of the excess water from the belly area. It's for personal use and ideal for your health as it contributes to weight loss.

Promote Sweating: The InfraHeat Vibration Belt can promote sweating when you wear it in exercise, running, gyms ,yoga and other workout. It's helps increase blood flow, enhance exercise effect.
Slimming Shape: The InfraHeat Vibration Belt uses lightweight neoprene-free material with high elasticity. It can fit most body types without any problems. 
  • Natural massage slimming: The massage technique achieve the effect of removing fat, good slimming effect.

Give a relaxing massage to your abdomen, shoulders, thighs, waist and more with this versatile InfraHeat Vibration Belt. Using this with a healthy diet and regular exercise helps  boost your weight loss progress. If you have no need to lose weight, you can also use our product for massaging to relieve fatigue. It’s a new way for you to achieve a perfect slim body.
 The InfraHeat Vibration Belt deep shakes the body to achieve the goal of eliminating fat. It is low noise when the motor is in motion. You can rest, read or watch tv without interference. This also works as a massager while burning body fats. 
Colors: Pink, White
Weight: 0.9 kg
Velcro Length: 30cm up to 160.0cm (Stretched)
Materials: High quality insulated plastic
Package Includes: 
1x InfraHeat Vibration Belt